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The Benefits of Speed Training for All Athletes

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Speed Training Benefits

Speed Training:

Speed Training is one of the most important aspects that should be incorporated for all athletes who serve to benefit from it. The benefits of Speed Training are many and can truly help Athletes and Sports Teams increase in their athletic potential.

Speed Training involves the increase in muscle power through both speed, technical guidance and increased range of motion. As athletes enter each stage of Speed Training, the exercises and drills become easier with greater explosive force behind each repetition. By improving the amount of force that muscles can produce and accept from the ground, athletes will be on the right path to running faster, jumping higher and changing direction quicker. This makes Speed Training ideal for athletes who run and perform agile movements such as Sprinters, Soccer, Lacrosse, Hockey, Baseball and Basketball players to name a few.

Speed Training drills increase agility and speed with specific movements and sprinting techniques. Over time, the muscles ability to generate power and increase in fast twitch muscle fibres increases over time. By using the use of weighted resistance or speed enhancers to force fast twitch muscles into overdrive, Speed training increases the athlete's ability to perform well. Through exercises like sprinting and agility drills involving jumping, bounding or hopping motions, athletes gain experience and muscle memory that mimic movement that take place during a game and/or practice situation.

The Benefits of Speed Training:

Speed Training for athletes has many benefits but is not limited to the following:

- Increased Range of Motion

- Improved Flexibility

- Muscle Balance

- Preventing injuries in a controlled environment

- Incorporates exercises that directly strengthens injury prone muscles

- Increases bone strength and density

- Increases the body’s endurance

- Increase Oxygen in the body which provides more energy to working muscles

- help ward off osteoporosis and protect balance and coordination.

The Role of Sprinting in Speed Training:

Sprinting is the best form of Speed Training exercise. Training for Speed — to improve running speed requires a training program that focuses on leg strength and power, with appropriate technique training to best utilize your strength and power development.

Regardless of the physical fitness goal, any athlete or physically active person becomes better able to grow and strengthen through the establishment of speed training activities such as sprinting.

The practice of sprint-specific drills can help athletes to develop an understanding of the technical elements required to sprint in the most efficient manner. Exposure to maximal sprint speed is what develops speed, but we can only optimize this and reduce the risk of injury after we establish good technique. However, it is also very important to never underestimate that rest is also essential to the process of speed development.

For Speed Training Programs that will help your athletes with their speed, power, strength and endurance contact Coach Cathy @ Eclipse Track & Field to book your sessions today.

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bayu oscar
7 days ago

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Ethan Dylan
Ethan Dylan
11 ก.ค.

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riski lumbangaol
riski lumbangaol
26 มิ.ย.

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