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Image by Markus Spiske
Hockey Team Training 

Join our Hockey Team Training Program designed to help condition players and enhance their speed and quickness on the ice.  

Exclusive Team Training Services

Our Team Athlete Conditioning Programs can help your team with speed, agility, explosiveness, reaction, quickness and power.   We recognize that while being fast in a straight line is important, it’s your ability to move laterally with speed and power that will allow you to separate yourself from your opponent and get more opportunities to score.   Players must be quick to take off - and then be able to accelerate and decelerate quickly as offence and defensive schemes formulate within the game.  Players need to be able to make short, lateral bursts and sharp cuts while already in motion. A high level of speed and agility will offer an undeniable advantage over your opponents.  See our program specifics below and what they can offer your team to bring them to the next level of their evolution. 

Contact us at or call 905-809-4888

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