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Eclipse Speed Training and Development

Training available on Tuesdays, fridays and sundays.

Speed Training & Development For Athletes

Eclipse Track & Field Club Inc. is a full service organization which offers athletes of all levels the opportunity to experience personal growth, achievement and success. We cultivate this self-confidence and personal excellence through a comprehensive training program. Our proactive and progressive coaching methods instill the strong work ethic and discipline needed to reach your personal goals – on and off the track. 


Through our high quality coaching and training, you will reach your full potential.


Our Speed Training Program is based on the theories that produce the explosive speed and strength.  Our program is trusted by teams and athletes looking to get the edge by enhancing their overall speed – from football and baseball prospects to want to be NHL and NBA players.  Contact us for further details.  


Our Targets for Improvements focus on:  

    • Proper running biomechanics

    • Top Speed

    • Coordination

    • Explosive Power

    • Acceleration

    • Speed Endurance

    • Agility

    • Flexibility

    • Strength

Coach Cathy @ 905-809-4888 or email us at

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