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Eclipse Speed & Agility
Development Training

Eclipse Speed & Agility Training:

 Our Speed & Agility Development Training Program is designed to help athletes move in biomechanically correct positions by adjusting mechanics and technique along with a systematic progression of exercises.   Let's face it, SPEED KILLS and there's nothing like it. 



Our Integrated Speed & Agility Development Training Program is based on concepts and programs that produce explosive speed, stabilization, strength and power.  Our program is trusted by teams and athletes looking to get the edge and will be customized and assessed based on your sport and your needs.   This program is ideal for one-on-one athletes, and small group training.  For larger groups - check out our Team Training Section for further details. 


Our Targets for Improvements focus on the following important aspects:

  • Proper Running Biomechanics

  • Maximal Speed

  • Coordination & Balance

  • Explosive Power

  • Acceleration

  • Speed Endurance

  • Agility

  • Flexibility

  • Strength​ and Muscle Development

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