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Parent of Track & Field Athlete

Lexi is thoroughly enjoying track and especially jumps and I see her confidence improving already. She’s always had a fear of running as a result of her exercise -specifically running induced asthma. It was so wonderful to overhear Coach Franklin encouraging another athlete to let him know as soon as she experiences any pain. Lexi told me that you often do the same encouraging the kids to let you know if they have any pain at all. This hasn’t been the philosophy at gymnastics and Lexi has often trained through pain as she was too afraid to tell her coach. I’m incredibly grateful and relieved to see that you take such a different, safe approach with your kids.  You really are doing a phenomenal job with these kids.

She’s thrilled you had her lead the drill on Thursday and she often takes on a leadership role at school too. I can’t believe how well you know these kids after just a few weeks of training. Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication . 

Running Athletic Women


Parent of Track & Field Athlete

We are very happy with your track club and Alexandra is improving after each practice. It is wonderful to see!  With her having grown so much in the last few months, it is nice to see her getting use to her height!


Alexandra is having lots of fun at track and field. It has been a blessing since she has not been able to return to her regular skating practices yet.



Parent of Speed Training Athlete

Coach Cathy is one the most caring and devoted coaches we have ever experienced. She is professional, knowledgeable and has totally changed our daughter's running form in just one session. We are so impressed and thankful to have found her. Thank you Coach Cathy

Ready for the Run


Parent of  Track & Field Athlete

Hi Cathy,

I just wanted to thank you and your team of coaches for the amazing job you are doing.  Being a part of you club has been such a blessing for Adelaide.  It has given her focus and purpose, and a renewed sense of joy.  With the cancelation of soccer season, Adelaide struggled with finding motivation and purpose during her day.  It was really starting to take a toll on her emotional wellbeing. She has always been a goal setter,  but since covid, she has had trouble finding goals to set or things to look forward to.  Since starting back up with track, Adelaide has regained her zeal for life.  She found purpose in the kitchen (preparing and planning food for fuel), she works on stretching at home (and teaching her brothers proper stretching technique) and she now has something to look forward to…track nights!!!

So THANK YOU!  Thank you for the time you pour into each runner.  It is obvious that you and your coaching team love what you do, and truly value the kids.

Amy Carlton

Woman Sprinting


Parent of Track & Field Athlete

Thank you Coach Cathy, this is great encouragement for the kids. I love how you have so much great detail about each child and why they deserve the title. The girls really enjoy the club and the training, Emily is amazing with them. I have definitely seen an improvement with Anjali.


Thanks again for the spikes as well.





Lyndsay Arsenault

Parent of Track & Field Athlete

After many years of playing high competitive soccer, my son decided to switch over to track. He was very nervous about being one of the older kids and never being part of this sport.
Cathy and the entire team welcomed him with open arms and made him feel at home instantly.
This is an amazing club where everybody helps each other and cheers each other on.
Thank you to all the coaches for being so amazing and making this difficult transition so easy, enjoyable and most of all fun.

Lyndsay Arsenault

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 10.42.35

Kathleen Stevens

 Track & Field Athlete

absolutely love this team!! have been apart of it since Cathy started it. she’s so enthusiastic & involved in the lives of her athletes. she doesn’t only train them for their particular event but she takes the time to help them with any personal life struggles they may have. she’s like a second mom!! the team atmosphere is amazing and all the athletes are nice & inclusive!!


Ralph Harrylal

Parent of  2 Track & Field Athletes

This is an amazing TRACK & FIELD CLUB. It is well run by a very caring person. Communication is easy and coaches are always available to provide updates about my 2 children who are 10 and 12. After trying out different sports, my children have decided that sporting activities with Eclipse is their preference for the future. We live in Whitby and training locations are very convenient. I hope this club stays with us for a long time. Lastly, head coach (Cathy) is very knowledgeable and passionate about Sports and Health. It makes me very comfortable to have my kids training at Eclipse. Cathy has a healthy relationship with the athletes and parents. GREAT CLUB.


Alan Mundy

Parent of  2 Track & Field Athletes

I can't say enough great things about Coach Cathy and all of the coaches. My kids loved their summer running and throwing with them. Seeing my kids learn to run properly and then be able to compete much better when playing other sports showed me how much they had learned. Best of all they loved it and they are sad they cant continue this winter but they will be back asap next year.

To all of the staff thank you for teaching my kids, and making them healthier and better athletes all around. I cant recommend Eclipse enough.

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