When The Fitness Circus takes over the SAF Stage

SAF 2019 Fall Spectacular Winners

Just over three weeks ago in Gatineau Quebec, 7 athletes from across Ontario all belonging to Steve’s Fitness Circus located in Bowmanville, competed in the SAF (Serious About Fitness) Fall Spectacular. Steve’s Fitness Circus – (so called due to the nature of the continuous controllable chaos that goes on with managing multiple athletes all at once) started about 14 years ago with training fitness competitors. Out of the 225 athletes that joined his group over the years, only 2 out of 225 had previously competed and the rest were all new to the industry. Over the years 76% of Steve’s athletes placed in the top 5 for their categories. As well, 40+ natural pro cards have been won. This year was one of the best showing for Steve’s athletes. If you ask the women what they think about Steve as a coach, they’ll tell you he is a no-nonsense kind of guy and he tells it just like it is. He’s very supportive and dedicated to getting the best out of each and every one of his athletes. He pushes his athletes to be their best and the awards his athletes have won over the years speak volumes about his coaching abilities.

Left to Right: Taylor Small, Jessie Harness, Steve Oldfield, Kris Little, Cathy Barry

To help prepare the athletes for their posing, theme wear routines and T-Walks, Steve enlisted the help of former competitor and posing coach Tina Mulder and former BHS Dance Student Santana Welsh to see the girls thru. Posing is just as important as the training and can make or break an athlete on stage.

SAF – Serious About Fitness is one of the top organizations in Canada who puts on Fitness Competitions for women over the age of 18 and offers many different categories, such as Transformation, Open Bikini Model, Athletic Model, Fitness Model as well as Pro Categories for Bikini and Fitness. SAF also has a theme wear component which is one of the favourite entries for a lot of women. In order to compete at the pro level, women need to earn their Pro-Card in the open categories first. Having a pro-card means that a competitor has done one or more amateur competitions and has excelled to a high enough level that the judges believe that they are ready to compete a higher level.

Out of those 7 athletes – 5 placed in the top 3 for their categories as well as the award for Top Trainer going out to Steve Oldfield – owner and founder of Steve’s Fitness Circus.

Also worthy to note is that out of the 7 competitors who participated in SAF on October 19th, 5 were from the Durham region. Here’s a list of the Athletes who competed at the SAF Show in Quebec:

Jessie Harness – from Oshawa came first in the Pro Bikini Model Championship and also received the award for best Bikini in the Pro Category. Jessie has competed in 8 competitions and joined Steve’s group in 2016. She has since earned her pro card for SAF and IDFA. When she’s not busy training, Jessie is currently enrolled in the Legal Studies Program at Ontario Tech and has graduated from her paralegal program and licensing exam.

Taylor Small – from the Ottawa Region came first in the Open Bikini Model – earning her a pro-card. Taylor is long distance client of Steve’s and her first competition was 3 years ago. Taylor works for the federal government full time and is also working on her masters in criminology.

Cathy Barry of Bowmanville, came 2nd in the Open Athletic Model Category earning her a pro card. Cathy is the owner and Head Coach of Eclipse Track and Field Club in Bowmanville and is also a Sports Performance Coach who trains athletes and teams to enhance their skills for their sport. Cathy is also the Director of Athlete Development and conditioning for Clarington Basket