My First Fitness Competition

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Insight into My first Fitness Model Competition:

2nd Place Athletic Model
2nd Place Finish in Open Athletic Model - my first competition ever

Pre-Conceived Ideas:

Just because you see something on TV, read about it online doesn't always mean it's always true. Information about Fitness is everywhere—and it can be quite complicated to determine what is fact and what is fiction.

Women and strength training have not always been a popular combination, although I suspect and believe wholeheartedly that this trend is definitely shifting in the right direction. However, some women are still holding back, often because of the mythologies they've heard surrounding this form of exercise.

Bikini, Fitness and Figure Competitions:

Before I decided to do this, just like a lot of other people I had preconceived ideas and notions about the women and men who participated in these types of competitions.

Here’s a short list of my preconceived judgemental ideas:

o They are not real athletes – just muscular people who are not functional

o They starve themselves and deprive themselves of water

o They must take steroids

o It was degrading and older women shouldn’t do this

I fully admit that I too was judgemental and all this based on conjecture and not true facts. I was never more wrong. There is nothing more real than to thrust yourself into someone else’s shoes to gain a true perspective. Once I started the workouts I discovered that the workouts while concentrating on one to two muscle groups also had other components of cardio and core strength building. I admit that constant exhaustion of one muscle group was tough for me, it was definitely something I wasn’t used to and found myself really tired after my workouts. But as I kept doing the workouts each week, I found that I got stronger and stronger, I could lift more weight than the previous week. With that came confidence and an even greater passion and drive.

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