Vaping And Its Effects on Youths and Athletes:

Call me crazy or out of touch with today’s latest craze but I just don’t get Vaping and I’m pretty sure I probably won’t ever get it. The thought of taking in “flavoured vapour” with a hit of nicotine while all this vapour escapes as you exhale looks…well…. just plain stupid. Not to mention holding on to something that looks like a rather large pen or injection needle. To be blunt, it just looks dumb.

I do however recognize that my lack of understanding or acceptance of vaping doesn’t make me correct or definitely doesn’t make me cool with the kids. But, I’m not looking to be cool, I’m just trying to figure out the real impact of vaping on kids these days, especially the impact to athletes.

Why do I care? Why even write a blog about it? Well, it comes from a place of disenchantment and just plain frustration. My belief is that that these kids have been sold a bag of goods which in the end will only succeed in causing lung and respiratory issues and affect them more in the future than we initially believed. Take smoking for example. Once upon a time, everyone smoked, it was cool to smoke, it was high class, everyone was doing it so you had to do it too. There even was belief out there that smoking was actually “good” for you. It removed stress, slowed down your heart rate and relaxed you and it was even recommended to pregnant women to keep weight off. How ludicrous these statements look today knowing what we know? I suspect Vaping which has been sold as “it’s just water vapour” will adorn the same crown as smoking is today…just plain bad for you. To be truthful, there hasn’t been enough research and not enough time has passed to really know the true healthy risks and the affects that Vaping causes. However, we can no longer ignore that there have been 18 Vaping related deaths and over 1000 hospitalizations due to vaping, a lot of those cases are kids on respirators and breathing machines. I can tell you that as a coach of young athletes, mostly elementary and high school athletes, I see the effects that Vaping is having on athletes each and every day. Its mind boggling.

Breaking it down:

First, let’s look at the Cartridges that are used with Vaping. Contained in these cartridges is Nicotine, artificial flavourings and chemicals. Nowhere in the list of ingredients does it say “water vapour”. In actual fact the contents – aka, the chemical concoction gets heated by a battery into a chemical vapour which a person inhales.


1. Nicotine

Nicotine is an extremely addictive additive found in cigarettes and now Cartridges used in Vaping. Nicotine has been highly linked to slowing down brain development in kids and teens and also affects memory, concentration, learning, self-control, attention and mood. It also increases the risk of other types of addictions such as harder drugs.

2. Chemicals & Flavourings:

No one really knows the true nature of these ingredients as they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. All I know is that these chemicals and flavourings are not those required by our bodies to function day in day out. Any chemical exposure either via smoking, vaping or ingestion is not good for our bodies no matter what anyone is trying to convince you otherwise.