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Eclipse Track & Field and Other Programs & Locations
Fall & Winter Season September 2023 - March 2024

Eclipse Track & Field Club provides you with many options to suit your needs.  New this year is our Elite Competitive Program, designed for those who are truly serious about taking their Track and Field career to the next level in terms of training & competition and their future in Track & Field.   We also understand that some athletes are dual or even triple sport athletes and so with that in mind, we provide a non-competitive program designed for those who wish to improve their running mechanics, speed and endurance with many training options.  Take a look below at our schedule and programs to decide which is best for your athlete.

Athlete Conditioning
Training Program

Young women doing stretching exercises o

This Program provides an opportunity for athletes to grow and develop outside of their specific sport.  The result is improved conditioning, strength and greater overall performance.  We focus on increased strength, power, aerobic capacity, endurance and stamina as well as increased flexibility and core strength. This program is tailor-made for each athlete's specific need or even for small groups looking for additional training.  Contact Coach Cathy directly for more information.

Team Sport Specific Training

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Our Team Sport Specific Training Programs offers customized programs for your team designed to improve your team's strength, endurance, explosiveness, speed and agility. Our programs target plyometric, interval, speed and strength training to provide explosive strength and endurance training while providing injury prevention strategies.  Please contact us for team pricing and details.  

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